Indented Tree

Creating Your Own Indented Tree in 10 Mins!

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Wanted to create your own Indented Tree but found it too techie?

We created this website to help you to create your own Indented Tree in only 3 steps and 10 minutes!

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What You Will Need

A Google account
Your tree data


Create your own data in a Google Spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet needs to contain certain fields like id, label, parent, ...etc. Worry not! We've created a template for you.


After adding enough data to your spreadsheet, you will need to publish it so that D3 Indented Tree can load your data and create the visualization.


Copy the link to your published data by selecting the URL and pressing Ctrl+C. Paste it below (Ctrl+V).

Who are we ?

We are Hou Ieong Ho and Shih-Pei Chen, two computer scientists interested in helping humanists to take full advantage of information technologies.

Why do we do this?

This website is an effort born out of the Digital Humanities 2.0 Workshop @ Harvard University, and is inspired by Dennis Tenen, our lecturer who tried to teach the whole class to build their own timeline by following this tutorial by Brian Croxall.


Indented Tree visualization: from D3.